Rethinking the Catering Tent: An Attractive, Functional & Entertaining Open Kitchen

The first time I worked as a cook in an open kitchen, I had to teach myself to use a tasting spoon instead of the preferred chef’s spoon (index finger).  Once my nerves settled, I actually found it quite fun to be cooking on view.  Since I am a better diner than a cook – I now love to watch all of the hustle & behind-the-scenes action from my seat.  So many of our great San Francisco Bay Area restaurants give patrons the opportunity to have this type of inclusive dining experience.  Why not knock down the walls of the catering tent, too?open kitchen 1

Our sailcloth tents work perfectly for an on view kitchen tent – to start with, they’re pretty to look at!  Banquet tables on table leg risers draped in crisp white linen create “the line” and are used for any work space in view of guests.  The tent can be divided with a solid wall so there is still some ‘back of the house storage’ and a busing area.  Guests will enjoy the opportunity to watch the chefs in action.  It is awe-inspiring to see a first class meal prepared for you when dining in a field, a wine country vineyard, or on a farm.  Just remind those catering chefs sharing their craft not to lick their fingers!