Finally…A Farm Table for Rent!

We’ve always thought it would be a great idea for someone to offer wood farm tables for rent. A table that doesn’t require a linen and one that promotes good company, good food, and good conversation. They’re a perfect fit with the Northern California events we’re so proud to be a part of.

farm table 1

The Wine Country begs for these tables as you dine amongst the scenic vineyards enjoying family-style meals. Western Marin and it’s bounty of farm land – a linen on the dining table?? I don’t think so. The Sonoma coast’s breeze blowing linen up over the table that has been set, and re-set all afternoon. Mendocino…what more should I say? The San Francisco Bay Area’s slow food obsession is celebrating local farmers – would any other table do?

Well, we thought this was such a great idea that we decided to make them ourselves. Zephyr Tents is pleased to announce the latest of our unique offerings – beautifully hand-crafted pine-plank farm tables!