The Outdoor Wedding Dilemma: Under the Stars or Under a Canopy?

Often a couple wrestles with this question when planning an outdoor wedding on the west coast.  Back east you haven’t really a choice, there’s no predicting the weather so you better take cover.  However, in California it rarely rains in the summer.  But what some folks forget is that once the sun goes down, no matter how hot a day it is, the evenings are cool.canopy of lights

If it’s cold, you’ll lose your guests.  Lose your guests and there goes the party.  Our answer to the dilemma – how about both?

Dine at long tables under a canopy of Italian Bistro lights connecting to a dance tent for boogieing and late-night lounging.  Your guests will stick around ’til the wee hours in the comfort of a cozy tent.  Just think of all the stories the next morning at brunch…