46′ x 85′ Sperry Tent

46' x 85'′ SPERRY TENT

  • Authentic Sperry Tent with handcrafted timber support poles

  • Area: 3,501 square feet.

  • Perimeter: 224 feet

  • Capacity for seated guests: 120-233

  • Capacity for non-seated guests: 320

With an area of 3,501 square feet, the 46 x 85 Sperry Tent accommodates up to 233 guests seated or 320 guests standing.  Please note seating capacities vary as event space requirements differ for each event.

Sperry Tent Layouts

We are happy to customize an interior layout for your event.

This sample diagram shows 200 guests seated at 20 - 66" round tables with 10 guests each with a 20' x 20' dance floor, one bar and one food station.

Create your own diagram using the Tent Layout Planner. This program is easy to use and you do not have to download any software.

Try out different tents, table sizes, add a lounge, or determine the best spot for your head table.