Product Template 2020

66′ X 126′ SPERRY TENT

  • All of our tents are grouped into 6 neighborhoods of 8-10 tents per location.

  • Most of our tents sleep 2 people. Others sleep 4 and a few sleep up to 6.

  • Tent sizes range from 12’ x' 14’ to 16’ x 20’.

  • All sites have a fire pit and picnic table.

  • Some tents are dog-friendly.

  • Comfy beds, warm comforters, wool blankets, & cotton linens guarantee sweet dreams.

  • Every tent is situated on a wooden platform with leather butterfly chairs on the deck.

The 66′ x 126′ tent is the largest of the fleet with a total of 10 peaks. With an area of 7,861 square feet, this tent can accommodate up to 524 guests seated. With room for band and dancing, the 66′ x 126′ tent will comfortably seat 425. Please note seating capacities vary as event space requirements differ for each event.

More Tent Info

Tents are located 20’- 40’ feet in proximity to another.

Our tents have limited electricity for powering the bedside lamps and heated mattress pads on adult beds only. Twin and bunk beds (except in group tents) are made up for extra warmth with down comforters, thermal pads and sleeping bags To reduce the risk of power outages, we ask that you do not use the electrical outlets for any unapproved devices. Please call ahead with questions.

CPAP machines are approved for use in all tents.

The bedside lamps have a USB port for charging compatible devices. Duis dignissim mi ut laoreet mollis. Nunc id tellus finibus, eleifend mi vel, maximus justo. Maecenas mi tortor, pellentesque a aliquam ut, fringilla eleifend lectus.