Designer Kids Tent: A Great Solution for the Little Ones at the Wedding

kids tent pYour guest list has grown to include nieces & nephews, cousins, friends’ kids, flower girls and the ring bearer.  Now, what to do with those little people during your wedding reception?  Rather than chance a meltdown or have them steal your thunder on the dance floor, why not provide them with their own celebration tent?

Zephyr tents can be outfitted with big comfy pillows, low tables, and colorful paper lanterns to create a fun and cozy atmosphere.  Hire a few nannies from a reputable agency like Nannies of the Valley who come prepared with arts & crafts, games, stickers, balloons and more.  Have your caterer design a kid-friendly menu and set-up their own special buffet.  The parents of these pampered kids will LOVE you – they’ll actually get to enjoy the evening talking with adults instead of entertaining their kids.