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Martha Stewart Weddings Loves Sperry Tents!

And we love a Martha Stewart Weddings endorsement!

February 3, 2011

Good to Know: Super Sperry Tents

Posted by Shira Savada


We love Sperry Tents, and we’re excited that they’re now available in 15 states! Their sailcloth tents come in all shapes and sizes — you’ll surely find a perfect fit for your outdoor wedding. Plus, they can customize the shade of their flag tops to match your event’s color palette.

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Action! A Dodge Ram Television Commercial Features Zephyr Tents

We had our television debut this summer starring in a nationwide Dodge Ram truck commercial.  The folks producing the bit searched all over California for the perfect tent for their concept and they found Zephyr Tents.  Our crew had a good time with this one – the guys were even hired as extras!

Check it out here:


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Zephyr Tents Now Offers Hardwood Flooring for Events!

Introducing beautiful lay-down pine-plank hardwood flooring for your next event under the stars or under a tent. This environmentally-friendly flooring option is aesthetically pleasing and “greener” than carpeting or installing astroturf.  The floor is reusable unlike the floor coverings that ultimately end up in the landfill.

Our pine-plank floor turns your event space into a elegant dining room. And because your entire event will be on hardwood, there is no need for the added cost of a dance floor.

hardwood floor under tent

floor - malibu tent

hardwood floor sperry

photos courtesy of Sperry Tents Seacoast.

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A Word From the Sperry Tents Family – A Tidewater Tent is Simply Not a Sperry Tent

sperry tents photo

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you are the first to receive a call from a newly engaged bride, or any individual that is planning to host an event, we would like to reacquaint you with Sperry Tents.  Most of you are familiar with our tents but you may not be aware of the evolution of the product or of the fact that we just finished and moved into a new 10,000 square foot warehouse and manufacturing facility in Rochester, MA (stop by, it’s the big wooden barn in the center of town). We also want to address a matter of immediate concern regarding what an authentic Sperry Tent is and where you can rent them.

I had hoped to save this letter for the “off-season”, but there is already enough confusion out there that I feel we should create some clarity regarding the matter before we are in the midst of the September and October wedding madness and all of the sudden it is November.  It is often said that “imitation is the ultimate form of flattery”, and that “if you are going to be original, you can expect to be copied”.   Well, as you may or may not be aware, there is now a ‘knock-off’ version of our tent designs out there that is being promoted as “sailcloth tents” for “fair-weather events”.

Our obvious concern – in fact it has happened – is that people are going to confuse these new tents with ours and we will be associated with tents that cannot stand up to the elements. Or worse, these tents will fail in heavy weather and people will assume all sailcloth tents are fragile, leaky structures.  With over 30 years of innovation and refinement in response to the demands of both our customers and the Mother Nature on the coast of New England, we are highly confident in our tents and the event services we provide.  Along with the new facility we have also invested in a new computer cutting machine and state of the art machines for sealing the reinforcement patches and the seams, all of which contribute to a product that is both durable and watertight. We are not building ‘fair-weather’ tents.

We want people to understand that this new product is not a Sperry Tent, and that the only place you can find an authentic Sperry Tent is from the licensed Sperry Tent companies found on our website (please see for locations). Something being called a sailcloth tent from anyone other than a licensed Sperry Tents rental company is simply not a Sperry Tent.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.   We look forward to continuing to work together with you.

Best Wishes,

Tim Sperry

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